Del Mar Surf School offers private 1 on 1 and small group surf lessons in San Diego county. All lessons include surfboard and wetsuit and photos. Our instructors are knowledgeable surfers with more than 10 years surfing experience. You will learn more in one lesson than you would in months of surfing on your own. Let's go surf!!!

Beginner Lessons

If you have never surfed before or you have, but still have trouble getting to your feet, then a beginner lesson is a good place to start. You will learn all the basic skills necessary to go out and practice on your own. Here's what you can expect.

On the Sand (15 min)

Before you hit the waves, we will go over some important information on the beach.

  • Positioning on the surfboard
  • Paddling techniques
  • The Pop-Up (how to stand up)
  • Dealing with waves
  • Safety in the ocean

  • Surfing Whitewater (30-60 min)

    Our ultimate goal is to catch waves before or as they are breaking. This requires paddling ablity, wave judgement and a quick pop-up. Before heading outside to the "real waves" we will practice paddling and popping up on whitewater waves (a wave that has already broken). Your instructor will walk along with you, holding your board and positioning you for waves.

    Surfing Real Waves (30-60 min)

    Once you feel comfortable catching whitewater and are standing up consistently, we will move outside to the real waves. Once again, your instructor will be swimming along with you, holding your board, helping you position for and catch waves.

    Photos (15-30 min optional)

    Towards the end of the lesson, if you are comfortable surfing on your own, I will leave you to practice what you have learned and return to the beach to take photos. Surf lesson photos are included with your lesson and will be available to view and download on our Photo Gallery.

    Intermediate Lessons

    If you are already catching waves and consistently standing up, but would like to take your surfing to a new level, then our intermediate lesson is for you. After a brief talk on the beach, you will paddle out and surf side by side with your instructor who will work with you on the following aspects of your surfing.

  • Duck diving and paddling through waves
  • Wave judgement
  • How tides and wind effect wave conditions
  • Proper positioning and etiquette in the line-up
  • Wave catching techniques
  • Turning and maneuvering on the wave

  • You are welcome to bring your own board or we can supply one for you. We have boards of all shapes and sizes if you would like to try something new: Longboards, shortboards and everything in between. This is a valuable opportunity to try out different boards to help you decide what board is right for you.

    Intermediate lessons include free photos too!

    All lessons are 90 minutes and include surfboards, wetsuits and photos!!!

    Private Surf Lessons

    • 1.5 hour 1 on 1 surf lesson, just you and your instructor
    • $120 includes surfboard, wetsuit and photos

    Single Surf Lessons

    • 1.5 hour beginner surf lesson for 1 person
    • Lesson will be open for others to join
    • $100 or applicable group rate below

    Group Surf Lessons

  • 2 people $90 per person
  • 3-5 people, $80 per person
  • For large groups please contact us

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